Pocket Number-15: Coventry Transport Museum’s coffee shop, Millennium Place

Rob’s a folk musician. Have a look at his website or follow him on his social media to see what he gets up to. He’s also posted a couple of his songs on YouTube so you can have a listen and get an idea of his style. .

I first met Rob at MotoFest Coventry. He had just finished his stint on the festival’s main stage and was packing away his music equipment while searching everywhere for his missing car keys. It wasn’t the best time to talk and he told me to message him.

Taken with Lumia SelfieI did and after a lengthy back and forth we met up on a Thursday morning at Coventry’s Transport Museum’s coffee shop.

Rob got me coffee and we talked for a bit. I recounted some of the places I’d visited and found out that Rob knows Ruth and Peter from [25] Pockets of [Oxford]. Small world!

Our conversation veered onto topics, like: ‘what makes a community’ and ‘what truth people connect to in music’.

Rob gave the montage a #love is bigger sticker and then sent me to see another Rob who’s another well known figure in the Coventry folk music scene.

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