Pocket Number-24: The Glasshouse, Jephson Gardens

WP_20160402_19_19_27_ProThe Glasshouse houses a variety of tropical plants and trees – a sacred fig tree, a banana plant, a powder puff tree, a Norfolk Island pine, and more. There’s also a pond filled with koi and goldfish.

WP_20160402_19_16_13_ProWhen I visited, the venue was WP_20160402_18_53_41_Probeing hired
for a wedding and so I tailed a couple of wedding musicians into the building.

After a wander around the gardens I turned myself in and explained to one of the wedding organisers about what I was doing and he brought me to see Amelia.

He said that WP_20160402_18_53_13_ProAmelia might know a bit more about Leamington Spa and where to send me next.

Amelia studies history at Warwick University and was helping to cater at the wedding.  I asked her if she knew something about the significance of the three sculpted elephants I’d seen just outside The Glasshouse and she WP_20160402_19_20_22_ProWP_20160402_18_53_21_Protold me that if I stood where they are located  I’d get a commanding view across the river Leam onto The Elephant wash – the track once used by England’s first elephant trainer to bring WP_20160402_19_10_48_Prohis circus elephants down to the river to drink and bathe and trumpet.

Amelia then sent me to Kelsey’s Bar to meet her former house mate, Akwasi. She told me to put on the assemblage a selfie of Akwasi and me and told me to drink a pitcher full of a cocktail called “Funky Fruit” at Kelsey’s.

She said I should tell the bartender to make the Funky Fruit “extra fucked up.”

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